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Career Readiness

Career readiness is an essential component of a young person’s development for successful adulthood. Therefore, we want to help them to gain access to viable career choices to include activities such as:

  • Career Interest Assessments- individualized career interest assessments conducted to assist participants with identification of potential career options. Services are provided to youth oriented organizations at a minimum fee for services
  • STEAM Career Exploration– partnerships with middle schools to establish STEAM career exploration programs and establish high school summer internships with high tech and medical institutions to promote STEAM career interest.
  • Scholarship Connections- assist participants and parents in their efforts to identify both academic and athletic scholarships to pursue post-secondary education and training.
  • Transition to Post-Secondary Education and Training Opportunities- assist parents and students in the post-secondary recruitment and enrollment process.

Personal Development Training

Today’s young people must develop interpersonal and social skills to successfully maneuver in all socio-economic arenas of life. We have compiled and conduct a series of workshops and seminars and learning forums to include:

  • Etiquette, Public Speaking, and Dress for Success Workshops– workshops are conducted through public libraries, community centers, religious organizations, youth conferences and other outlets to enhance personal development of young people of all ages. The workshops are tailored to meet the needs of the participating audience.
  • Financial Literacy/Entrepreneurial Training – teaches participants basic concepts in financial planning, money management, and financial investment to promote personal financial stability.
  • Emotional Intelligence Seminars– participants are introduced to concepts that enable them to understand their emotions to control their behavior and actions in dealing with themselves and others no matter the circumstance or situation. Participants will also learn how to empathize and have concern for others.

Leadership Development

The Leadership Development activities are targeted at age appropriate levels to include:

  • Summer CHAMPionsTM Leadership Camps- participants ages 6-10 are afforded an opportunity to participate in a variety of leadership building activities that focus on team building, organizing, goal setting and problem-solving training. Camps are held at a select college and university campuses, outdoor facilities, and personal development centers around the country.
  • League of CHAMPionsTM Youth Clubs – works with schools and communities to establish CHAMPionsTM Clubs for young people ages 10-17 to learn the CHAMPionsTM principles as a means of “rites of passage” into young adulthood. These CHAMPionsTM Clubs are led by strong confident mentors that have been trained by W2W.
  • CHAMPionsTM Ambassadors- young people ages 18-21, after completion of a 12-week leadership course, are prepared to assume responsibility for their actions by becoming active problems solvers, critical thinkers, and change agents within their families, schools, places of employment, and communities. They learn advanced leadership competencies while being exposed to a variety of "hands on" projects that allow them to apply learned knowledge and skills. Participants are eligible for scholarships to pursue post-secondary training or education.